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AGM – 12th January, took place in Church House. 

A hot summer's day in June brought the Twinners out for their annual garden party.

Dear Fellow Twinners,

In some ways it’s hard to believe I have nearly completed a year as chair, in others it’s hard to believe it’s only a year! I’m writing to you all as there are two matters which I need to share with you.

It was that time on the Twinning Calendar when the Normans crossed La Manche to invade us once more. 


On the 10th March we had a delicious a fish pie supper from a trio of chefs led by Pam McNee (see below) - fine dining indeed. Oh, and Andy Champion ran a Bingo event for us - gorgeous prizes galore!



The AGM for the year 2016 / 17 took place on the 4th January 2018 in Church House. It was described in Abbtalk as a riveting evening, lightened by a fine spread of Bring and Share food provided by the Twinners themselves.

When all the mulled wine and food had been polished off, it was time to get down to the business in hand. Apologies were given by the members who could not stand the excitement of the AGM, including our Treasurer and her husband who were sunning themselves in Australia as they usually are at AGM time. Her financial figures were closely scrutinised to make sure no Quantas flights to Sydney had inadvertently been included. As usual they were 100% in order and were accepted by the meeting.

What a great time we had as Twinners gathered for the Christmas Dinner at Dainton in the Orangery! It was a perfect venue for the 44 who gathered and we had an excellent meal. This was the best turn out for several years and it proved a highly enjoyable evening.

Five Finger Eddie

Our event in February was an excellent three course dinner with entertainment by Celtic Folk group, Five Finger Eddie - see this clip on YouTube.

After a starter of smoked mackerel pate, the roast ham, potatoes and veg for mains were supplemented with a lovely nut roast for the vegetarians amongst us. Puddings as usual were surpassingly gorgeous.

A great time was had by all celebrating the battle of Waterloo on 14 October 2017 at Church House.

You might ask yourself what on earth we could do do celebrate a great victory at sea when we were situated among the ancient stones that make up the Church House. Well the answer is that Ian Arrow and Kevin Eales invented some great entertainment with a Waterloo quiz / anagram, and an enactment - yes, an enactment. This was read out by Julie, Ian and Kevin after our rations of bully beef, plus a veggie option, with beets (actually beef in red wine, and very nice it was).

Eight French school children accompanied by two adults arrived in Abbotskerswell in the last week of June 2017 and were welcomed by Abbotskerswell Primary School and the Twinners.

Here's what they said;

Un grand merci pour votre accueil, votre disponibilité, votre gentillesse. Nous avons passé une excellente semaine et les enfants sont heureux.
Nous nous verrons en septembre, passez un bel été et encore merci pour le train à vapeur qui nous a tant plu et le fish and chips.
A bientôt



It rained for the twinners and other villagers on a coach trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan near Mevagissey in Cornwall. Abbotskerswell Twinning Association planned this outing not just for members but with the specific intention of welcoming other villagers and also members other Twinning Associations who would like to join us. 

The trip took place on SATURDAY 10 JUNE. The Lost Gardens of Heligan were rediscovered 25 years ago from the brambles of totally neglected estate. Today, Heligan remains one of the most loved and romantic gardens in the UK, appreciated as much for its beauty and mystery as for the ground breaking restoration project.

Over 200 acres are now a paradise for the explorer, wildlife, plant lover and garden romantic. Victorian Productive Gardens and Pleasure Grounds beckon, along winding paths laid out over two centuries ago. The Jungle takes you on a sub-tropical journey through bamboo tunnels and under majestic tree ferns, giant rhubarb and bananas whilst the estate reveals a lost world of traditional and rare breeds, wildlife and ancient woodlands.

We got wet, but had a lot of fun. Hey ho


Andrew Rose

(Chairman, Abbotskerswell Twinning Association)