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Quite a number of Twinners were away on holiday in July which was a pity because they missed probably the best meeting of the year. We were the guests of two of our members, Lindsey and Gary Wills, and were treated to a do-it-yourself pizza afternoon. Lindsey and Gary have a large outdoor pizza oven which they lit in the morning and by the time of our arrival at noon the log-burning had raised the temperature to over 500 degrees. After Lindsey had rolled out the pizza bases we chose from a huge selection of toppings prepared by members. Gary then slid the pizzas into the oven for a cooking time of around 90 seconds. Time then to tuck in, washed down with some of Gary’s award-winning cider. After puds and cheeses there were garden games to keep us occupied.

We have a break now until September, but anyone interested in finding out more about Twinning give our chairman, Julie Arrow, a call on 01626 356877.


£150 raised for Church House with a little je ne sais quoi with Abbotskerswell Twinning on 15 June 2019

Running from 2:00pm until 4:00pm to raise funds for Church House in its Centennial year since it was given on trust for the village, we enjoyed teas, crêpes and cakes in Church House where the launch of a booklet on its history, courtesy of assistance from Abbpast, took place.

The French theme was also enhanced by tasting some cheeses from the Calvados region of France from whence Twinners had recently returned. Folks were able to buy some cheeses too.


May's Twinning Association meeting in Church house took the form of a Race night. Not the usual horse racing - ours was Crab Racing!

Firstly the members tucked into a delicious Thai curry made by Jenny Eyles and Julie Arrow, fortunately they had made plenty and second helpings we very much appreciated. this course as followed by the usual selection pf puds made by members and finally cheese and biscuits followed by tea and coffee (all for five pounds including a welcome drink - how good is that?).

Now down to the serious business of the night - the Crab Racing. We must point out that no animals were injured or even involved in the entertainment. The crabs were clockwork. Members placed their bets using the currency of tiddly wink counters and the wound up crabs had to scuttle along a table racecourse lined with shells to make them feel at home. At the end of the evening, Di Reed was declared the winner having accumulated a fortune of 72 counters.

The Beetles were not part of the repast on Saturday the 13 april, instead, we had a lovely lamb moussaka with salad and bread (veggie option of course for those that requested it). But we did have fun with beetles in an unexpectedly hilarious beetle drive, run by andy and Celia Rose. 

It was enormous fun, and those that attended enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

April 2019

What a great time we had - you have to forget diets when with your hosts in France! We were wined and dined in real style, but there was a poignancy to the visit which co-incided with the preparations for the 75 years commemoration of the D Day landings.

For the full gallery of pictures of the visit, pop over to our Facebook site or see the video on YouTube.


AGM – 12th January, took place in Church House. 

A hot summer's day in June brought the Twinners out for their annual garden party.

Dear Fellow Twinners,

In some ways it’s hard to believe I have nearly completed a year as chair, in others it’s hard to believe it’s only a year! I’m writing to you all as there are two matters which I need to share with you.

It was that time on the Twinning Calendar when the Normans crossed La Manche to invade us once more. 


On the 10th March we had a delicious a fish pie supper from a trio of chefs led by Pam McNee (see below) - fine dining indeed. Oh, and Andy Champion ran a Bingo event for us - gorgeous prizes galore!



The AGM for the year 2016 / 17 took place on the 4th January 2018 in Church House. It was described in Abbtalk as a riveting evening, lightened by a fine spread of Bring and Share food provided by the Twinners themselves.

When all the mulled wine and food had been polished off, it was time to get down to the business in hand. Apologies were given by the members who could not stand the excitement of the AGM, including our Treasurer and her husband who were sunning themselves in Australia as they usually are at AGM time. Her financial figures were closely scrutinised to make sure no Quantas flights to Sydney had inadvertently been included. As usual they were 100% in order and were accepted by the meeting.