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A great time was had by all celebrating the battle of Waterloo on 14 October 2017 at Church House.

You might ask yourself what on earth we could do do celebrate a great victory at sea when we were situated among the ancient stones that make up the Church House. Well the answer is that Ian Arrow and Kevin Eales invented some great entertainment with a Waterloo quiz / anagram, and an enactment - yes, an enactment. This was read out by Julie, Ian and Kevin after our rations of bully beef, plus a veggie option, with beets (actually beef in red wine, and very nice it was).

The Enactment wasn't quite what we were expecting, it was the pre-battle discussion between Napoleon and his health and safety officer, it was hilarious and reminds us all how ridiculous some of our H&S rules are now and how they prevent us from managed risk taking.

Some pictures of the event are below - they show us being very safe and happy!