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How much is it to join?

Membership Fees for 1.12.19 to 3.11.2020 are £10 per year per person, or £5 if you join after 1st June. But, to encourage new members to join, you may attend two meetings as a guest without paying for membership, so potential new members can “try us out” and see if they like what they see and experience, without committing themselves in advance. You can also download a copy of our 2019 brochure.

What is the cost of the social events?

Fees for our 'pop up cafés' and social events are normally £12.50 per member or £15 per guest, to include a welcome drink, a two course meal and entertainment. Occasionally, for events where we might provide a three-course meal, the cost increases. Our members bring along their own drinks. The cost of trips to France is generally limited to the cost of travel - all the hosting in France is free of cost to our members. 

How do I join?

Please contact any one of our committee members - you would be welcome to come along as a non-member guest (just paying for the cost of the meal and bringing your own drinks) for two events before needing to formally join as members.

Why should I join?

It's a great way to make new friends and to participate in great food and light entertainment. You don't have to cook, but if you do like to then you would be very welcome to participate in providing culinary delights.

Of course the central theme is our relationship with our French counterparts, so you get a chance to try out your French (if you want) at least once a year. When we host our French friends in the village or are hosted in France, there is real sense of joy in participating in the exchange and being in someone else's house or having them in yours. Of course, that isn't everyone's cup of tea, and we have several members who just want to participate in the social events we hold as fund raisers.

Can I come along as a single person?

We have many single people who participate in the social events and in the exchanges. We appreciate that it is a pretty formidable experience going into a new group, so we ensure that at every event there are more places than people, so that singles are encouraged to sit wherever they wish. Committee members also ensure that we look after new and single members until they have made their own connections and friendships.

Who is on the Committee?

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update; 5 Jan 2020